Fabian Families
of Bucks County, Pennsylvania

by M. H. Fabian

Fabian Genealogy
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Fabian Genealogy

The Fabian genealogy book, Fabian Families of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, was published in December 1995 by M. H. Fabian.

This volume is not just about Fabian families who resided in Bucks County, PA. It is much more. Its 500 pages consist of nine chapters, a bibliography, and a 45-page, 4-column, alphabetical index. The book begins with an 11-page review of the historical references of the Fabian name starting in Rome, circa 300 BC, through Europe, into the United States, and concludes with its various modern-day usages. There follows a 9-page history of the Fabian ancestral homelands in Meckesheim and Mauer, Germany.

The genealogical section spans over 400 years of our direct Fabian lineage. It starts with a 42-page genealogy of our German ancestors and their associated families, translated from the earliest remaining 17th- and 18th-century German records. This section contains accounts of the many emigrants to America and their children, for the years 1727 through 1732. This German section also includes two additional Fabian generations in Germany.

The book continues with three genealogical chapters on the descendants of the 1732 emigrant, Johann Michael Fabian, some with extensive historical biographies. It includes:

  • the issue of Anna Catharina Fabian, who married Captain Gerlich Paul Flick and resided in Moore Township, Bucks (now Northampton) County, PA, with many of their descendants still residing in Flicksville and Ackermanville, PA;

  • the issue of Johan Caspar Faubion, Sr., who was the only son of the emigrant Johann Michael Fabian who settled in Bucks County over 250 years ago; and

  • the issue of Anna Margaretha Fabion, who married Nicholas Neligh (aka Neely) in Moore Township, Bucks (now Northampton) County, PA, and in their later years moved to Clarion County, PA, with the majority of their family.

These chapters tie in hundreds of old familiar Bucks County surnames as well as many other surnames that are now common throughout the United States of America.

There is also a 62-page chapter on the issue of Michael Fabian of Springfield Township, Bucks County, PA, who is believed to be the son of the 1732 emigrant Georg Michael Fabian and is the ancestor of most of the Fabians whose lineage can be traced to Springfield Township, Bucks County, PA. That is followed by an 18-page genealogy of Fabians who resided in Bucks County whose ancestry has not been traced to one of the two German emigrant Michael Fabians in Bucks County, PA.

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