Grand Bowties:
A gallery of gorgeous variations

  • Above left:   Zdravko's "Crystal Burst"—a majestic mix of three kinds of match.
  • Above right:   Kate's "Diamond Rain"—half-edge links form filigrees of diamonds.
  • Above left:   Zdravko's "Butterfly"—four kinds of match and modular symmetry.
  • Above right:   Kate's "Diamond Tree"—built of 6 quads, solved by Zdravko.
  • Above left:   Zdravko's "8X Mosaic"—half-edge matches, modified by Kate.
  • Above right:   Zdravko's "X-Star"—omni-directional symmetry with half-edge matches.
  • Above left:   "Four Arms"—four-way swirl design with half-edge matches.
  • Above right:   "Four Rings"—four-way symmetry with half-edge matches.

"Grand Bow"—design by Kate, solution by Zdravko.

  • Above left:   Kate's "Arrow"—half-edge matches with X's and diamonds.
  • Above right:   Kate's "Fan"—swirling symmetry with half-edge matches.

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