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# Coloring Book — Flash-6 Template and Info

Flash-6 Template
Create your own colorings online

This interactive online play requires a Flash-5 plug-in. If you do not already have one in your computer, please go to the Macromedia website to download it for free.

If you have Flash-6 installed, go to this Flash Painter template to get you started:

Flash Painter

Here are the detailed instructions for playing with the Flash painting. You can access a condensed version of this information on the Flash page through its [?] help button. There are several ingenious and elegant features built in.


To play online with the colors of these meta-graphic designs, simply click on the color of your choice in the palette, then click on any region of the design that you want to color in. All the regions designed to have the same color will become the color you just painted in. You can use up to 8 different colors from the choice of 24 in the palette. You can overpaint with a different color as often as you like.


When you find a combination that pleases you greatly, you can print it out on paper by clicking the PRINT button. You'll need a good color printer for this.


To email a copy to a friend, click the SAVE button. Four boxes will appear on top:

  • In the first box, enter a name or title for your creation.
  • In the second box, enter your own email address.
  • In the third box, enter the email address of a friend to whom you'd like to send a copy of your "painting." (Sorry, there is no copy-and-paste function for this.)
  • In the fourth box, enter your name, how you want to "sign" your work.
Click the SEND button, and your color creation will be emailed immediately.


If you want to keep a permanent record of your creation, you'll need to email it to yourself. Click SAVE. After you fill the title and painter boxes, enter your own email in the sender box, click on the [=] box next to your email address and it will automatically enter you as the recipient in the other box. Click the SEND button. When you next download your email, the link will appear in your inbox. Collect your designs in a special folder for future reference and for sharing with friends.


You can revise any previous design by opening it (you need to be online for this) and changing the colors, as often as you like. Then you can SAVE, rename it, if you wish, and SEND it again.

If you've clicked the SAVE button but change your mind and want to make some more changes before sending, click on the arrow to the left of the SEND button to backstep to paint mode.

If you want to start your painting over from scratch, click the white or black RESET button.

The beautiful Flash Painter dynamic coloring program was conceived by Kate Jones and developed, designed and built by Chris K. Palmer. Watch for new features to come.

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