Game inventor:Ea Ea (Craige Schensted)

In 1953, physicist Craige Schensted and mathematician Charles Titus, researchers at the University of Michigan, developed Kaliko, the Game of Y and other games. In 1983 Craige was featured in Games Magazine, along with his new game, Star, a descendant of Y.

Life moves on. In 1994 Craige's friend Mariah read a description of the Sumerian god Enki in the book Descent to the Goddess:
"Enki is the generative, creative, playful, empathetic male. He includes the opposites and has no abstract boundedness to the principle of law. His order is creative, not static and preservative. He is the culture bringer, not the preserver of the status quo. His wisdom is that of improvisation and empathy. Endlessly, he improvises to create what the moment needs."
On reading this, Mariah said, "I know him!" On January 3, 1995, Craige Schensted became simply Ea, which is what the Babylonians called Enki. At the end of 1999, anticipating millennium computer glitches, Ea added a second name, becoming Ea Ea.

These days Ea nourishes his soul by sun bathing on the rocky shore of Peaks Island, Maine, lets his soul speak through drum, dance and song (see the picture below), and ponders the remarkable implications of quantum mechanics for "miracles" which many rational "scientific" people claim are impossible (based on 19th century science), while his lover Mariah is a healer who is thrilled to see these miracles regularly occur with her clients.

Ea's homepage is as nourishing of the spirit as all his other endeavors. Be sure to visit it, and be prepared to be astonished and moved.

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