Hold On!

When Pittsburgh weather howls and roars
And artists' tents are sails sans oars,
Hold on!

When water wells and deluge swells
And every sluice of heaven quells,
Hold on!

When tent poles buckle like a straw
And canopies churn into slaw,
Hold on!

When whirlwinds spin and toss and lift
And booths despite their anchors shift,
Hold on!

When glassware shatters, pots turn shard,
And life's chaotic, cruel and hard,
Hold on!

When loss is grievous, labor strained,
And shock of moment leaves you pained,
Embrace your courage and hold on!

For when the storm has run its rage,
The sun takes back its center stage
To shine on all who did ... hold on.

— Kate Jones

(Published in the Three Rivers Arts Festival's newsletter, Artists Market News, June 16, 2004)


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