Selected Hopscotch patterns

All the figures shown below, and many more, are solvable with some or all of the polyhops tiles. From small, introductory figures to multiple copies of the same shape, challenges range from easy to extremely difficult. Hopscotch will definitely keep your mind hopping and invites your ingenuity in creating additional figures. Few things compare to the satisfaction when all the pieces fit.

Here's a solution to the last figure shown—the long wall that's a 4x21 parallelogram. The solution is not unique. We were aiming to separate the smaller pieces. Can you get them to cluster?

Open question to the world:
Find 7 congruent figures, each 12 units in area, using the entire set. We've found two such shapes. Find another, or prove there are no others, and you'll win a nice prize. Send your solutions to: Seven Groups.

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