Maya Calendar Survival Party,
December 21, 2012

For the great Maya Calendar End-of-World Survival Party on December 21, 2012, we invited over 30 special friends, associates, co-workers and shareholders to a day of conversational adventures, in a mellow, informal setting for the mutual enjoyment of intellectual exchange and being with wonderful people and to celebrate life, the Universe, and everything. Guests brought their opinions, insights, theories, axioms, curiosity, creativity, playfulness and humor. This convivial group commemorated a confluence of cosmic events on this very day:
  • The Winter Solstice
  • The end of the Maya calendar
  • A rare syzygy of planetary orbits
  • Our survival in defiance of all superstitions and myths
  • Puzzle-solving demonstrations by cube virtuoso Robert P. Vermillion, Jr.
  • A presentation of Kate's latest multimedia Powerpoint/puzzles/poems with audience participation
The party invitation featured a few authentic Maya hieroglyphs copied from Wikipedia samples and images of Maya ruins. Exotic flowers decorated the tables, and even more exotic and superb food was catered by an Afghan restaurant.

The main purpose of the festivities was to witness the victory of science and reason over fallacies and falseties. We and the world would survive all dire predictions, and ward off the end with a clever spinning toy, the Twirl-a-Spell Maya No-End Disks each guest received as a souvenir. All photos by Elijah Allen.

Robert Vermillion solving three sizes of Rubik's Cubes


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