Disaster Destroyer:
Twirl-a-Spell Maya No-End Disk

For the great Maya Calendar End-of-World survival celebration on December 21, 2012, we created some magical twirling toys from surplus disks and bears, for endless fun. Each was an original work of art by our resident artist, Meshele Merchant, in the style of Maya costumes. A few showed authentic Maya hieroglyphs we copied from Wikipedia samples.

We had a lot of fun designing them and naming them. Each disk on the back carried a special message, such as:

  • "It's not the end!"
  • "It won't end!"
  • "Ending—not!"
  • "The end it isn't!"
  • "It never ends!"
  • "Not end it will!" (Yoda-speak)
Here's the magic:  Twirl the disk on a large, smooth surface and wait till it's finished spinning. Not only does it make a very cool noise—it also creates a Vortex of Protection that wipes out all foolish ideas about the end of the world and cosmic catastrophes. Ideas are only in the mind. Get real!

All the disks were given to our guests as souvenirs of the party. If you should want one for your own use, you can custom-order it at any time and we'll make one just for you. Click on the green logo below. Supplied with instructions in drawstring bag.     $15

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