Ye Olde Gamery staff:a night out


The night at Medieval Times was a special treat for Ye Olde Gamery's crew after the close of the 2004 season. The pavilion requires a large staff to entertain the many visitors who frequent the Festival and gather in good numbers along the Gamery's spacious counters. On any day, five to seven knights and ladies are on hand to greet visitors. Most of these stalwarts have been minding the store for 15 years or more. Several have profiles on our Helpers pages.

It was nearly unanimous that we'd go in costume. The serving staff at Medieval Times took special interest in us for being the only costumed group in the audience that night.

Back row, left to right: Dick Jones, chairman of the board of Kadon Enterprises, Inc., who got us discount tickets. ... Kate Jones, president of Kadon, hostess of this evening's revels. ... Bjarne Viken, then a university student from Norway, houseguest at Kadon and now a successful entrepreneur in Australia. ... Anna Stephan, long-time helper and friend, tireless gopher. ... Ken Isbell, master of the Goose and Labyrinth who inspired this attraction at the Gamery and hosted it until 2006. ... Eileen Shaivitz, who adopted us in a moment of our greatest need and has stood by us ever since. ... Richard Grainger, master of the challenge games until his retirement in 2013. ... Art Blumberg, long-time friend, game inventor.

Front row, left to right: Thomas Atkinson, Kadon's laser guru, puzzle inventor and costume-maker par excellence. ... Don Sakers, writer of spellbinding science fiction.

Missing this evening: Steven Joel Zeve (left), who was out of town.

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