PathPix puzzles by Kris Pixton

One of the most gorgeous and creative puzzle concepts we've ever come across is PathPix, to play on your computer. It is an amazing puzzle system created by Kris Pixton, a very talented artist, potter, software pioneer and thinker, and a fellow exhibitor of Kate's in many arts and crafts shows. Her son, Aaron, grew up on our puzzles.

Kris has developed hundreds of clever picture puzzles you solve by using logical deduction to draw colorpaths on a grid. All the while, serene classical music plays, though you can turn it off if you wish. When completed, a pixel-patterned picture becomes visible, with a literary quotation to the theme. A total sensory pleasure on every level. The program records and retains your solutions, and keeps track of multiple players.

Kris has a free demo you can download to get 25 beautiful adventures, of varying sizes and difficulty levels. You can also order the full pack of 750 additional challenges. Do one or two a day and you'll never feel stressed out again.

To download, click on the PathPix logo below and then follow the prompts. If your dialogue box asks whether you want to run or save the file, select RUN. Download is quite fast and you'll be ready to play in a moment. An icon and link will appear on your desktop so that you can thereafter open it any time you like. Then you can purchase the entire ensemble of thousands of pictures as a permanent treasure.

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