Mini-Quiz #7

Quiz No. 6 proved too elusive for our solvers' logical wits. No one got it fully by year-end 2006. Here's a bit easier logic game.

The Story:  On the fabled planet Logicia, the inhabitants are all perfectly logical. They say what they mean, and they mean what they say. You are communicating with a Logician pal via your ultra-fast trans-warp zoom network. Its xenophonic wormhole allows not more than 12 words per statement and no pictures. Your friend on Logicia is describing for you his newest favorite puzzle consisting of 12 uniquely shaped 5-square pieces. He sends you 12 statements about them.

The Question:   Can you sort out which statement describes which piece? For a bonus, can you name all the products sold on this website that contain those same 12 shapes?

The Statements:
  1. Length doubles width, with one concave angle.
  2. Has 10-unit perimeter.
  3. Has one concave angle, symmetrically centered.
  4. Start 4 tall, move one square to form 10 other pieces.
  5. Encloses space on 3 sides.
  6. Has 3 concave angles, covers 4 squares of 10 other pieces.
  7. Its 3x3 envelope has orthogonal symmetry only.
  8. Has not more than two squares in any row.
  9. Has rotational symmetry only.
  10. Travel its 4-unit length with 3 rook's moves.
  11. Has no concave corners.
  12. Has 3 kinds of symmetry.

Answer: As usual, we've hidden it right before your eyes.

Click here  to email us your answer. Simply list 12 letters in the right order. All solvers' names are archived (except those who request otherwise). Solvers who also identify where the answer was hidden will receive a surprise gift. And solvers who submit 12 statements that describe the set in even fewer and shorter words will win an additional prize.

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