Games cover for December 2000 Games Magazine selects:#Dezign-8o
Dezign-8 was chosen by Games as one of the 100 best new games for the year 2001. Here's Robin King's write-up from their December 2000 "Buyer's Guide to Games" in the puzzles category:
DEZIGN-8 (1 to 4 players)
Kadon, long celebrated for quality game/puzzle combos with a tiling theme, offers us this new set. It consists of 64 squares showing paths that have exits on anywhere from one to four sides. Three games and an assortment of puzzles are included. The only common rule is that any side of a square with a path exit must abut one on another square. In short:  No loose ends allowed. Dezign-8 is also quite conducive to solitary explorations, known to cognoscenti as "fiddling around with the pieces." It's a treat for the eye and the mind. — RHK

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