Games cover for December 2001 Games Magazine selects:#Gallopo
Gallop was chosen by Games as one of the 100 best new games for the year 2002. Here's John McCallion's write-up from their December 2001 "Buyer's Guide to Games" in the abstract strategy category:
GALLOP/SIDLE (2 players)
Kadon adds another backgammon-style game to an old favorite and releases both with one of its legendary gorgeous wooden boards. "Sidle" uses four sticklike dice that generate any number between 0 and 14 with equal probability. Pieces move the number rolled vertically forward or backward over empty spaces; a piece may end by sliding sideways any number of vacant spaces. Landing in the central row allows you to slide another piece, while landing on an enemy removes the enemy from play. You win by getting five pieces to the opponent's Home Row. Players whose forces develop cooperatively and patiently will often overcome opponents who seem to have a comfortable lead. — JJMcC

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