Games cover for December 2013 Games Magazine selects:#Hopscotcho
Hopscotch was chosen by Games as one of the 100 best new games for the year 2014 in the Puzzles category. Here's John McCallion's write-up from their December 2013 "Buyer's Guide to Games":
HOPSCOTCH (1 to 2 players)
Designer:   Thomas Atkinson

Designer Thomas Atkinson was inspired by the tiles on the ceiling of his home: Alternate rows of squares are moved over a half space. This led to the 24 eccentric puzzle pieces Kadon calls polyhops, comprising every combination of 1 to 4 connected squares in a hopscotch pattern.

Kadon has produced the pieces—in marble-grained acrylic in four combinations of colors—to its usual flawless high standards, offering buyers great value for their money. Outlines of patterns ranging from easy to extremely difficult are provided for you to solve by placing the polyhops together, and you are encouraged to create your own. — JJMcC

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