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Manoover was chosen by Games for the list of the 100 best non-electronic games for the year 2008. Here's John McCallion's write-up from their December 2007 "Buyer's Guide to Games" in the abstract strategy category:
(1 to 2 players)
DESIGNER:  Don O'Brien
The board has 37 hexagonal spaces. Your six numbered pieces begin on your side, with their arrows pointing north. Near the opponent's side is your target hexagon. Roll three dice each turn. Each roll lets you either rotate the matching piece so that it points in another direction, or move it to the adjacent space to which its arrow points. Next, move pieces in ascending numerical order one space, following their arrows. Moving pieces push lines of one or more pieces in their path; pushed pieces maintain their directions.

Pieces that disappear into either target hexagon score one point for the target's owner, but pieces that exit from an edge score zero. When one contestant has no pieces left, whoever has more points wins; whoever plays last wins ties. This fast and often furious game calls for calculated risks and shrewd maneuvering.—JJMcC

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