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Q-Bix was chosen by Games as one of the 100 best new games for the year 2011 in the Puzzles category. Here's John McCallion's write-up from their December 2010 "Buyer's Guide to Games":
Q-BIX (1 to 3 players)
Designer:   Christian Freeling

Kadon's selections for our Games 100 are among the most expensive, but they offer a degree of beauty and enjoyment that make them priceless. Here, each of the 15 tiles is one to three hexagons in size. Each hexagon is inlaid with three colors, making the eyes see a stack of cubes all facing the same way. When solving any of the numerous objects (chess pieces, boats, aircraft, etc.) and shapes in the book (outside the grid or within it), one color will top each cube, another will cover the left sides, and the last will appear on the right. Several games are suggested. We recommend "40 Cubes" to learn to handle the pieces. Players in turn add any piece to the grid, touching two edges of the grid or other pieces. Whoever cannot make a move... wins! For more creations of prodigious Dutch designer Christian Freeling, visit Mindsports. — JJMcC

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