Games cover for December 1993 Games Magazine selects:#Rombixo
Rombix was chosen by Games as one of the 100 best games for the year 1994. Here's their write-up from the December 1993 "Buyer's Guide to Games" in the puzzles category:
ROMBIX (1 or 2 players)
A rhomb (or rhombus) is a four-sided equilateral parallelogram, such as a square or a diamond. This ingenious new set, which bears some thematic resemblance to Quintillions, Triangoes, and other fascinating playthings from Kadon, consists of 16 unique tiles — 4 single rhombs and 12 doubles. They are used for a variety of solving and construction puzzles, plus a two-player game called Double-Touch. The illustrated 32-page manual explains everything.

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