The Blizzard of January 2016 at Kadon

The first week of January 2016 was unseasonably warm in Maryland, making Kate's getaway to Florida the easiest in memory, with temperatures around 70F. By the time she got to Jacksonville, Florida, the thermometer there stood at 34F, and it stayed cool for weeks.

A record snowstorm hit the entire Northeast on January 26, dumping 2 feet or more onto the entire Washington, DC/Baltimore/New York stretch. Airports were closed, Washington was virtually shut down, and Kadon headquarters was covered too deep for a mere snowblower. Here are a few views to commemorate this counter-argument to global warming. (Photography by Dick Jones.)

The front door held back the invasion

The driveway carved out; see photographer's shadow.

Biggest icicle drapery ever

There's a snowblower in that shed...

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