Game inventor: Telly Courialis

Chicagoan Telly Courialis is a dynamo of creativity and accomplishment. He has had a life-long interest in working with people and helping people to make their lives better.

He is an executive-leadership consultant specializing in processes that help corporate executives and manager-leaders acquire knowledge and skills, necessary to execute and sustain successful business initiatives in a multi-variable environment.

His company, Courialis Learning Services (CLS), conducts programs based on Learning Transfer. They include Contextual Problem Solving©, Team Building and Executive Leadership Development, and communication design, and help synchronize strategic organizational goals with measurable results.

Telly’s focus in these critical areas fosters increased assurance toward a healthy corporate environment, which serves to promote human and career development.

Telly’s philosophy is to merge concepts with real-life application. He often says, “Don’t preach and teach until you’ve walked the talk.” The 90’s were a test of that philosophy, as he ventured to design, develop, and patent Megallo®, a three-dimensional strategy game which has been showcased in Games Magazine as one of the best abstract strategy games, and in the Chicago Tribune newspaper as one of the top ten new games of the year.

Upon meeting Telly and seeing his game at a gaming convention in 1993, Kate Jones of Kadon Enterprises, Inc., recognized its outstanding concept and construction and immediately included Megallo in the Kadon catalog and the Kadon website, where it is showcased to this day.

Megallo® is not only a marketable product but serves as a simulation model/exercise in corporate and educational settings, to aid participants in team building and critical thinking skills.

Telly’s varied endeavors have also included publishing entrepreneurial articles on leadership, management, entrepreneurial excellence, business development, and key drivers of motivation and success. He even leveraged the cable television medium to deliver Life Seminars Presents..., a short series dedicated to helping people discover their purpose, forge their goals, and act on their plans.

Going further back to the late 70's and early 80’s, Telly was part of a team of behavior specialists involved in an experimental program, supported and funded by the Illinois Department of Mental Health. The goal was to help autistic young adults end their aggressive and self-destructive behaviors, and to integrate them into an established learning environment.

Telly soon realized that knowledge of human behavior and the application of certain kinds of behavior modification techniques (now known as organizational behavior management) could be used in business settings in various ways to assist in corporate and academic human development. Telly has applied his knowledge and experience in a variety of ways, including teaching at National Louis University, Keller Graduate School of Management, where he currently teaches in the MBA program, and in corporate settings, such as Ameritech/SBC, Baxter Health Care, and Washington Mutual — whose constituents continue to meet increasingly complex business issues.

Telly received his Ph.D. from Colorado State University (CSU, ranked 9th in the Nation) in Education and Human Resource Studies, with a concentration in Learning Transfer and Contextual Problem Solving©. He also has a Master’s degree in Public Administration from the Illinois Institute of Technology and a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice from Loyola University of Chicago.

Additional creative outlets for Telly's talents are oil painting and pen and ink drawings. He's had his artworks on display in galleries and local art guilds. He also composes music and plays guitar and piano. Telly lives in Chicago with his wife and son, born in 1998.

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