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The Rich, the Famous, and the Find

by Manuel Garcia

Some years back, around 1996, the president of Kadon Enterprises, Kate Jones, came to my native town, Houston, Texas, to attend MENSA's 50th Anniversary Celebration and to set up a booth in the hotel to display her mind games. I was invited to attend, as a sort of "Meet the inventor" [Triangoes] and game/puzzle booth helper.

Among the other displays nearby was a booth that took colorful pictures of one's body aura and a table at which Astronaut "Buzz" Aldrin (the second man to step on the moon) was autographing his new book. I wanted to meet him, but it seemed that only people who were buying his book were waiting in the very long line.

There was a rather well-to-do woman waiting in that line to meet the famous astronaut, and she suddenly screamed aloud, "I LOST MY DIAMOND RING!"

With that declared, people everywhere within earshot started looking downward on the floor for the lady's ring. But it was my youngest son, Sean Stephan, who got down on all fours to make an all-terrain search for the lady's diamond ring.

Sean just happened to be visiting with his mom, Susie, and he was only 5 years old. So dropping down and crawling on the floor was like playtime for him. But Sean went one step further: he started crawling under the booth tables, which were covered by long tablecloths. No adult had thought to do that.

And sure enough, Sean popped up from underneath a booth table and announced, "I FOUND IT!" Everyone stopped searching and stared at the tiny boy holding the ring in front of his face.

The woman owner was so happy, she gave Sean a $20 reward on the spot. Later, Sean even got an autograph from Astronaut Buzz Aldrin, without having to buy a book.

Today [2005], Sean, who recently turned 16, has many talents as an artist and musician (violinist), and he has also been recognized in the rules booklet for my newest game, Teleporters, for his play-testing contributions.

The End

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