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Looney Labs' 5x5 volcano board

Welcome to Looney Labs' special page for Volcano Boards. If you are not Alison or Kristin, and are interested in acquiring a Volcano Board for your own Icehouse set, this is not the place for you. Go HERE! Now go! And if you chanced upon this page accidentally, you really shouldn't be here at all. Go HERE instead. Go now!

Kristin and Alison, to reorder any of the versions of Volcano Board that we make for you, simply click on the appropriate image below. It will automatically create your order form. The first panel will prompt you for location. Select "Manufacturer" from the pull-down menu. That will block the program from entering any shipping charge percentage on your order.

When the order form appears, there will be a line reading, "Please select your sales tax category." Click on the link, and on the page that opens, select "Manufacturer" from the pull-down menu. That will block the program from adding any sales tax on your order.

You can adjust the quantity you want right on the order form. There is also a special instructions space where you can include your purchase order number.

To order more than one size, use your BACK button to return to this page for the next selection.

Volcano Board, 6x6, $30
Volcano Board, 5x5, $20
Volcano Board, 4x3, $10

Petri Dish, $59

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