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December 31, 2009:   His mom writes — "Daniel and I opened Hexdominoes today. We really enjoyed using them as dominoes (traditional numbered dominoes are still a bit beyond Daniel's capability right now). We altered the rules for more toddler-friendly play, and we both had a great time. Daniel also likes to group the colors together and make continuous shapes with the Hexdominoes (no spaces). I still haven't thoroughly investigated the book yet, because Daniel was to excited to help me explore my new puzzle!"

Daniel discovers Mini-Iamond Ring The puzzle almost completed Daniel closely studies the last piece to complete the puzzle

January 2010:   "Daniel has discovered the Mini-Iamond Ring set and had a grand time. We took turns placing pieces for a while and then he started solving it on his own (with very minimal guidance). His most important observation: 'little triangle holes don't work, only diamonds!' Wow—I couldn't believe he caught on so fast! He gets so excited when he solves it himself—he laughs, claps, and cheers for himself."

June 2010:  "This [Mini-Iamond Ring] is his new favorite, as he can solve it pretty much on his own."

June 2010:  "We've tried the [Hexdominoes] color patch game and I have just let him 'play' with them. Game-wise, the rules have to really be simple (and we play cooperatively :) ); he likes puzzles more so than games, I have found. He often just enjoys playing with the Hexdominoes pieces, making groupings of the same color, making long lines and trying shapes (like circles) where the colors match up. My train-minded son also says the patterns he makes look like train tracks and sidings."

"Daniel talks nonstop and often narrates what he is doing, and of course little sister is very interested in playing with everything brother does.

"Also, his little sister Caroline, who is 8.5 months, likes to stare at the Bear Hugs set already :)"

Déjà vu:  At 8 months, Caroline is enthralled with the Hexmozaix set, as was Daniel at her age just 3 years ago.

Caroline admires the colorful Hexmozaix II set Caroline's interest in puzzles awakened early


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