Guest showcase:
The Zdravko Zivkovic Collection

We had the honor of presenting here a very special collection of limited-edition games and puzzles, exclusively available only from us. They were invented and made in Yugoslavia by Zdravko Zivkovic, a banker by trade and prolific puzzle designer by avocation. As of 2021, all the original sets are sold out. We are in the process of producing a new, permanent edition of the laser-cut acrylic version of MagicaLand. Please check back soon.

The MagicaLand tiling set is a unique and original definition by Zdravko, a geometrical treasure chest of tiles related by shape and proportion, a distant cousin to the simpler tangrams and a sophisticated descendant of the 2,200-year-old Archimedes' Square.

MagicaLandTM (coming soon)

The MagicaLand tiling set is a unique set of 15 pieces that can create a virtual wonderland of imaginative scenes and figures, a timeless delight for all ages. See some sample pages below. They measure about 6x9" assembled into a rectangle, with framed tray.

Sample pages of MagicaLand patterns from the owner's handbooks:

Here are a few more samples of the terrific shapes that can be constructed with the MagicaLand tiles, all made by students. Geometry brings out the genius in kids.

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