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Jacques Ferroul's "Grand Poly-SpidronsTM"


The Poly-Spidrons set can be formed into many different shapes, most of which do not fit into their triangular tray. Jacques Ferroul's research led him to create an expanded set so that he'd have a larger "canvas" on which to lay out the magnificent patterns he kept finding. The answer was to make a larger tray, with the Poly-Spidrons pieces in one color forming the central design and with 75 supplementary pieces in a second color filling in the background. The Grand Poly-Spidrons set thus becomes true moveable, playable art to exhibit.

Jacques has published many designs on his website and wants to share the joy of this puzzle with other puzzle lovers world-wide. Here are a few more examples:



This last pattern is Jacques' favorite because it was so difficult to solve, and he has dedicated it to his mother, Marguerite Ferroul.

Jacques incorporated into his polyform design the SpidronTM system of Daniel Erdely, a Hungarian mathematician. Daniel has graciously given permission for us to make these sets that wed his Spidron spirals to Jacques' combinations of triangles and partial triangles. The name "Spidron" is a trademark of Daniel Erdely, used by Kadon under license. See Daniel's fine website for other applications of the Spidron concept.

We are making Grand Poly-Spidrons available by special order, in luminous lasercut acrylic. The Lucite cut edges glow and make it easy to see the divisions between the individual pieces. The Grand set fits into a black tray with white floor and has a separate see-through lid that allows you to display the set as an artwork in a showcase. The frame of the tray has a special small compartment to hold the extra pieces. Recommended for teen to adult solvers.     $150
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Visit Jacques' blog Kaprompiloj (in French and Esperanto)
for many other great polyform explorations

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