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# The Old Firehouse

# This picturesque historic building once housed three fire engines and served as the voting precinct for local elections. When the Purcellville Fire Company built a larger facility in 1971, Dick and Kate Jones were lucky enough to acquire the old firehouse. The upstairs was a cozy two-bedroom apartment. The main floor, its 1000 square feet spacious enough for a dance floor, years later was occupied by a carpet-cleaning business. The full basement remained vacant, filled with the memories of Custom Graphics, a graphic arts business Kate started in 1971 and sold in 1977. It has variously served since then as a pottery studio, print shop, office space, and storeroom for the church across the street.

As of January 1, 1999, we braced ourselves for selling this unique building. We realized our current life plan did not allow for using this building, and sentiment yielded to prudence. It was sold in February 2004 to a local newspaperman. We like to think our beloved firehouse will be in good hands from now on.

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