Ghoulish Foolery:
Spin-a-Spell Halloween Twirlers

For Kadon's 29th season at the Maryland Renaissance Festival, for the final weekend of October 20-21, 2012, we prepared a little Halloween surprise. Some surplus disks of black and little white circles turned into Halloween-themed twirlers, with ghoulish painted faces and figures. Each was an original work of art by our talented associate, Eric the Wise, inspired by the creations of our resident artist, Meshele Merchant.

We had a lot of fun designing them and naming them. Each disk on the back carried a special message. These were the six choices:

  • "Fear not!"
  • "Have no fear!"
  • "Never fear!"
  • "I'm not scared!"
  • "Be fearless!"
  • "Don't panic!"
Here's the magic:  Twirl the disk on a large, smooth surface and wait till it's finished spinning. Not only does it make a very cool noise—it also creates a Vortex of Protection that wipes out all foolish ideas about ghosts and spectres that tend to scare big and little kids. You'll never need to be afraid again, of anything. So have some fearless fun!

For the trick-or-treaters on Halloween 2012, Eric made up dozens of copies of design No. 11, the witch and moon, in 6 assorted colors. We demonstrated their spinning, and they were a big hit, even if not edible. We couldn't help but reflect that this entire cultural tradition that has evolved into a commercial hoopla for candy manufacturers verges on terrorism and extortion—a protection racket, really—even if disguised as entertainment by adorable kids in creative costumes. These twirlers are our answer.

You can order your very own disks of ghoulish foolery (or is it foolish ghoulery?) at any time. If there is a design you especially like, just put its number on the order. Supplied with instructions in drawstring bag.     $15

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