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See also the 25-Holes Challenge.
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This sweet and innocent-looking set of 21 V-shaped trominoes (3 squares each) can entertain a four-year-old with simple patterns, yet infuriate a grown-up expert with tough challenges. Math professor Norton Starr originally commissioned this set to demonstrate proof of a theorem—that an 8x8 grid can be filled with V-trominoes no matter where you leave the empty space. We coupled this puzzle with a color-separation feature, then added an original concept by Oriel Maximé, of filling the Vs on grids around strategically placed barricades. The 28 "Bends" layouts cover four levels, from Easy to Expert. Other challenges and game rules are included. A special feature in the 44-page booklet is a pretty alphabet. All acrylic, 7 tiles each of 3 luminous transparent colors in 7" tray with engraved grid lines. You can choose from three color combinations. Ages 4 to Ph.D., 1 or 2 players. $39

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HEXDOMINOES® Paulo Bouhid, Kate Jones and Glenn Iba

This delightful rainbow set, all hand-inlaid acrylic, was an instant hit and never ceases to surprise us with its variations and versatility. The 21 double tiles ("dihexes") comprise all the ways 6 colors can be paired. Here's a sample tile. Add the 6 single hexes, one of each color, and a landscape of color matches, color patches, non-matches and non-duplications invites exploration. The hardest are solutions with no two of the same color in any row (the "Latin" arrays). Some things even 5-year-olds can handle, with relish. Build with 4, 5 and all 6 colors, and solve "Hexmate" patterns that challenge you to replicate them on the grids provided. Outside the 11" tray 89 other exquisite figures await, and you can create countless others. Includes three competitive games. For 1 to 5 players, ages 8 to adult.$85

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This one was an instant hit with audiences of all ages. Strange how solvers keep misplacing the corner pieces. The free-form patterns, worked outside the tray, can be even more confounding. Rules for a simple game for two players are also included. The 16 acrylic tiles are a special subset of our grown-up version, Snowflake Super Square. Snowflake is available in several color choices. The three-color mix in 5.75" tray offers diverse challenges, well suited for ages 7 to adult. $29

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Nine easy pieces fill the encircled pattern in thousands of ways. You can have the "diamond" piece in any of 37 different positions, and form a large variety of shapes outside the ring, too. All acrylic, five-color mix in a 5˝" tray. For 1 or 2 players, ages 6 to adult. $25

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This 15-piece two-color subset of Triangoes continues to delight us with its variety of shapes and color symmetries, even years after we originally explored it. Large tiles (one sample shown at right) are easy to handle, and progressively more sophisticated color themes can be explored. We offer Triangoes Jr. in 6 cheerful color mixes. For its 25th anniversary in 2012, we added a touch of silver. Suitable for 1 or 2 players (and several kibitzers), ages 8 to adult. $59

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Science Songs and Stories
for the Big Questions Kathy Carroll

A delightful collection of 10 songs and 6 stories that help young people from early childhood through middle school age have fun learning about some important ideas in science. Learn the answers to questions such as:
  • How do we hear?
  • How can you do an experiment?
  • Why is a butterfly a miracle of nature?
  • What is the secret of energy on our planet?
The catchy tunes and clever words are fun and lively—great for singing along while traveling, too. The book also contains valuable references to websites and resources where young people can learn more about those "big questions." CD and companion book, $35

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