A Cautionary Note

While Kadon gamepuzzles are designed for a wide age range, with adults as the standard, several of our sets have been successfully introduced to the very young, ages 5 and up, and even an occasional precocious 4. The Bear Hugs puzzles were designed for even younger, 3 and up.

Please use care in selecting the appropriate game for a child, keeping in mind that there are small pieces in many of these puzzles and these should not be given to children who tend to put things in their mouth or have younger siblings who are too young to be left unsupervised when playing with these puzzles.

It's a good idea to use these puzzles as an occasional treat for the young child, with an adult participating. We know of many grandparents who like to keep our puzzles at their house, for when the grandchildren visit.

Even our easiest puzzles include more advanced activities, so chances are your child will grow into those but never outgrow them.

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