In Memoriam:   Games Magazine reviewers

Since 1981, Kadon has been fortunate that the editors of Games Magazine have seen fit to review many of our games and to include us 51 times (as of December 2013) on their annual list of the 100 best games—the "Games 100". Games has been fortunate through the years to have the talents of several excellent writers and reviewers to evaluate the thousands of games invented and introduced every year.

We are saddened that two beloved contributing editors of Games Magazine died, within a few years of each other. We light an eternal flame here to honor their memories.

Burt Hochberg (1933-May 13, 2006) was an internationally acclaimed chess expert, author of many books of chess problems, and editor of both Chess Life (from December 1966 until October 1979 inclusive), and GAMES magazine.

His reviews were always cogent, in-depth, and compassionate, and a pleasure to read. Among Kadon games these were reviewed by Burt between 1992 and 1998: Octiles, Transpose, Brace, Megallo.

Despite a long illness, he was never discouraged and cheerfully kept on working, keeping up others' spirits as well. His legacy continues in the archives of The Games Journal, Chess Cafe, Chess Life, and Games.

Robin King (1955-2013) was not only a brilliant writer, superb game strategist and chess cognoscenti, but also a dear personal friend. Some of the most spectacular solutions to our puzzles were found by Robin.

Quick-witted and funny, Robin had an intelligence in the top one tenth of one percent. She fought a valiant battle for years against a wasting lung disease. A lung transplant had tragic side effects, and Robin passed away on November 28, 2013. She is deeply missed by her husband, John McCallion, and her many friends in the gaming world.

John's and Robin's love story is one of the great transcontinental romances: they "met" through postal chess—he in London, she in New York. He soon moved to the U.S. to win his King, and they lived in Queens, NY.

During her active years Robin wrote many lively reviews for Games, including these among the Kadon line: Doris, MemorIQ, Teleporters, Boats, Power of Two, Fractured Fives, Cube Brick/Color Up, Kites & Darts, La Ora Stelo, Intarsia, End Point, Dezign-8, and Dazzle. Robin's memory lives on in the Games archives and in the hearts of her family, friends, and many admirers on at least two continents.

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