Giant Pyramid puzzle—dismantled

See disassembled view below

The Giant pyramid was invented by Len Gordon and produced in 1972 by Gordon Bros. as part of a trilogy in injection-molded polystyrene in various colors on black plastic bases. When his bases ran out, we made our own (shown) and used only the beautiful crystal pieces. The Giant was the most difficult of the three styles. It was recommended for determined teens to adults. It sold for a mere $8 in 1986 and for $29 thirty years later.

The nine pieces of this monster (see below) fit just one way to make the order-5 tetrahedron of 35 balls on its base. Solving it has been known to take anywhere from an hour to a year, or more. The solution was not included but was available by request.

The Giant Pyramid went out of print and out of existence in 2017. It will continue as a legend of the ball-pyramid genre.

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