by Charles Karadimos

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The views above are just a few of the exquisite patterns to be seen in a Karadimos Kaleidoscope. Charles' unique and innovative technique with mirrors creates medallion-like or mandala-like symmetries focused within a circle rather than running out to the furthest edges of the view screen. His scopes in my collection have anywhere from 8, 9, 10, 12 to 14-fold symmetries, and one has a checkerboarded effect!

His deft selection of "objects" to put into the rotating endpiece produces never-repeating patterns. The objects may be bits of stained glass and other mystery ingredients that are placed loosely for easy tumbling and constant variety. Colors may appear and then slip from view again. The screen may be lavishly covered or quickly condense to a few strong elements. Every moment is a surprise. Turn the disk slowly for sensuous transitions, or even reverse direction to recapture a previous array. A world of visual wonders awaits.

Takes Two

Charles also innovates shaping the stained-glass bodies of his scopes, from slender cylinder to faceted barrel to cone, sphere, and the amazing "Takes Two" model shown here. He has experimented with 3-D images viewed through separate eyepieces, and many of his styles come with their own matching caddy or stand.

He's currently experimenting with new techniques and shapes, and we look forward to seeing what marvelous pieces he will create next.

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Charles Karadimos
27325 Ridge Rd., Damascus, MD 20872.
Email: Karascopes@aol.com.

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