The Kites and Darts gameboard

The beautiful five-fold symmetrical design is screen-printed in white on the dark vinyl. The set contains tiles in five colors, and for the game you can choose any three-color combination.

Players fill the spaces of the grid so that no two of the same color ever share sides. Two-fold goal:  have the fewest tiles remaining, and create a perfect non-matched Penrose pattern that fills the board. Suspenseful "patch play," when players repair a conflict in the color pattern, can suddenly reverse the lead. One false move and you lose your turn.

The set includes a supply of special tokens for patch play and a small suction tool for easy lifting of pieces.

When the game ends, you'll see a veritable work of art filling the whole board.

For solitaire designs and creating endlessly varied symmetry patterns on the board, mix all five colors in any combination that pleases your eye, like the sample shown on the previous page.

Please note that the game supplement accompanies only the Master Set version. It is not included with the Starter Set.

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