Visit to Yugoslavia

At the conclusion of the International Puzzle Party in Belgium, Dick and Kate Jones had a delightful visit August 11 and 12, 2002, in Novi Sad, Yugoslavia, with the inventor of Cube Brick and Color Up, Zdravko Zivkovic.

Zdravko and Kate had developed the many puzzle challenges for the two cube sets by email over several months, and this was the first time they actually met in person. Here they are, enjoying one of many hilarious moments:

Zdravko and his beautiful wife, Gordana, who speak English, bestowed such great hospitality on the Joneses that they felt like royalty. Zdravko is a fabulous chef, and generous about entrusting his culinary secrets.

On the next morning, Zdravko had arranged for Kate to be interviewed on Novi Sad's Kanal 9 television station, and it was great fun, showing and telling about puzzles. The hostess asked very good questions in English. Kate's replies were translated and dubbed for the broadcast.

Zdravko and Gordana's two adorable little girls, who also appear on the covers of the rule books for the two cube puzzles, did not hesitate to enjoy the American visitors despite a small language barrier. Here Kate cuddles with Isidora (left) and Theodora (right):

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