Puzzle inventor: Oskar van Deventer

M. Oskar van Deventer started designing puzzles in 1978, after reading the book Puzzles of the World. Since then, he has invented, designed and built a few hundred different mechanical puzzles.

Some of his puzzles have been produced for the public, such as these:

  • Oskar's Cube—a hollow mechanical maze
  • Oskar's Keys and Captive Key—cast-metal mechanical challenges
  • Mystery Shapes—four foam construction puzzles
  • and, of course, Oskar's Disks—two interlocking disks from Kadon Enterprises.
Oskar lives in the Netherlands and is a telecommunications research engineer in his daily life. But for the puzzle collectors of the world, what Oskar dreams up for his next puzzle surprise is one of the most anticipated events each year.

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