Special solutions: Sextillions

The solutions below were sent to us by Jack Wetterer, associate professor of physics at the US Air Force Academy and a big fan of polyomino and polycube sets. Professor Wetterer liked the way we package Heptominoes as a three-part rectangle and worked out a couple of three-rectangle divisions for Sextillions. Notice that the middle ones have a hole that's the shape of one of the pieces.

Jack also liked our star-shape design for Poly-5 and built an even larger one with the combined sets, with co-solver Chris Patterson. Enjoy!

Later we received this awesomely symmetrical solution from Darian Jenkins. He tells us that he used Gerard's Universal Polyomino Solver to find all 4579 solutions to the pentomino-tetromino part. The hexomino part has over 20,000 solutions!

Another time, Jack Wetterer sent us these two rectangular solutions that allow division of the Sextillions set into 3 subrectangles, with the 12 "unequal" pieces all contained in one group. Jack custom-ordered these in the color divisions you see here, to match the style of his Heptominoes and Octominoes.


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