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Abstract Games, a slick print magazine, was published quarterly for several years (Spring 2000 to Winter 2003) in Canada by Kerry Handscomb. It was in hiatus for a few years and is now back as though there had been no interruption, with issue 17. The "New Abstract Games" is "for the competitive thinker" — with excellent expositions of games, books and strategies. See their beautifully done online periodical, Abstract Games.

AGPC Quarterly, published 4 times a year by Association of Game and Puzzle Collectors. The AGPC (formerly AGCA) is an international, non-profit organization dedicated to the collection and preservation of old and new games and puzzles, and to the research on the history of games and puzzles. The Quarterly is available through membership only. Dues for 2013 are $40 ($50 overseas). AGCA also organizes an annual national convention, with interesting speakers, exhibits, selling, trading and gaming.

Atlas Obscura on September 26, 2019, published a fascinating article on reconstructing ancient games and how they were played, dating back thousands of years. The study project involves a collaboration of several branches of science. Worth keeping an eye on their progress!

Cubism for Fun, published (in English) 3 times a year, is the newsletter of the Dutch Cubists Club. The Club was founded in 1981 to explore Rubik's Cube and its variants. CFF has become a sophisticated journal for a world-wide readership, with a wide range of original, well-researched puzzle topics, some a bit scholarly on math but loads of fun anyway. Subscription is by membership. You can send inquiries to Rik van Grol. They also have a website.

Game & Puzzle Design was launched in 2015 sponsored by the Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia, as a peer-reviewed print journal publishing high quality work on all aspects of game and puzzle design. The editor-in-chief was Cameron Browne, Ph.D. Kate Jones contributed articles on "geometry at play" and was a member of the editorial panel. The journal went on indefinite hiatus in 2017. A compendium of all six issues published (two per year) is still available through direct purchase. Their dormant Facebook page is still online. It was wonderful while it lasted.

The Game Cabinet. This is an entirely online-only magazine, edited by Ken Tidwell and last updated in 2000. It contains detailed reviews of all types of games and a wealth of links to other game-related information, including a manufacturers' directory. The whimsical and breezy style and the loose update schedule make The Game Cabinet an interesting one-man show. Ken's email address is:

Gamers Alliance Report is the quarterly publication of Gamers Alliance, an international network of game players and professionals with a worldwide membership. You can see samples of back issues, explore their master catalog of games from top game makers, and even purchase some. See also the Sid Sackson Special Tribute pages, dedicated to the most prolific and beloved game inventor (1920-2002) in America. This site also has an index of Toys Listings reviews.

The Games Journal was a monthly web-based publication concerned primarily with boardgames and ran from July 2000 until September 2005. It is no longer regularly updated but their entire back catalog can be accessed via their archives, including two articles by Kate Jones (August 2000 and February 2001). Editor Greg Aleknevicus occasionally adds something new, so do check back.

Games Magazine, renamed Games World of Puzzles as of 2014, was founded in 1978 and is published 9 times a year by Kappa Publishing Group. Games' motto is, "The magazine for creative minds at play." It is a high-level consumer magazine, family-friendly and teacher-friendly, offering a lively mix of word and visual puzzles, brainteasers, reviews of new board games and electronic games, a calendar of upcoming events, and news from the world of games and puzzles. Until 2013 they included an annual Buyer's Guide to Games, featuring the editors' selections, after thorough play-testing, of the 100 best hands-on games and puzzles and the 100 best electronic games. Kadon received 52 selections through the years. Their subscription hotline is: 1-800-426-3768. Former Editors-in-Chief included Will Shortz and R. Wayne Schmittberger. Current Senior Editor is Jennifer Orehowsky. Editorial offices: 6198 Butler Pike, Suite 200, Blue Bell, PA 19422.

Infinity is a new kind of magazine of mathematical puzzles and diversions — designed to engage, develop and perpetuate the readerís interest in mathematics. Experienced teachers and lecturers will find it fascinating and full of teaching ideas. Students will find it a window onto the wider world of mathematics with its colorful and beautifully illustrated pages. The articles come from the top people in the field. Published by Tarquin Books in the UK, subscriptions accepted worldwide.

The Metagrobologist Magazine is published in Manchester, UK. Founded in July 2015 by Dave Holt, a puzzle lover and collector, The Metagrobologist is on a continual search for sharing the very best in puzzle design, craftsmanship and exclusives. Dave believes firmly in the enjoyment and beauty of puzzling, and that the enjoyment of well-made, quality mechanical puzzles and recreational mathematics enhances life and should be celebrated. Dave's magazine has, in a few short years, grown into the most encompassing and handsome publication about the world's greatest puzzles, designers and collectors. Originally online only, Dave is taking it into the realm of a beautiful print format, as well. Order individual issues on their website.

Puzzle Fun is both a Facebook page and a printed newsletter, published, in English, about 2 to 4 times a year in Argentina by Rodolfo Marcelo Kurchan mostly as a labor of love. It is devoted primarily to investigations with polyominoes. There's also a Blog. Subscribers in 17 countries. Rodolfo accepts donations. You can email Rodolfo.

WGR, published by Michael Keller since 1983 on a non-periodic basis, was a one-man labor of love with a loyal worldwide readership. Thirteen issues were published before a trademark dispute ended its paper embodiment. Although only photocopied and handbound, it was the most in-depth and intellectual, conscientiously accurate and balanced of any game-related publication we know of. The reviews primarily focused on abstract strategy games, puzzles, and modern variants of classic games. WGR uniquely also published the latest research findings and explored new ideas in polyform puzzles. Michael has a great respect for the creative process and scrupulously documents all sources of intellectual property he and his reviewers write about. Fortunately, back copies of all issues are still available, and the material never goes out of date. For back issues you can email Michael Keller directly. Michael also maintains an authoritative website on FreeCell and other solitaires, Solitaire Laboratory. The WGR material may also see light again on his website.

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