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Endpoint was chosen by Games as one of the 100 best games for the year 2001, and as first in its category of abstract strategy games. Here's Robin King and John McCallion's write-up from their December 2000 "Buyer's Guide to Games":
END POINT (1 or 2 players)
The elegant sweep of felted wooden disks along the lines and curves of the board enhances the pleasure of playing this fine game. You and your opponent start by alternately placing your 15 disks at intersections on your respective sides of the board. Disks begin as Sliders, which can move any distance along curves and lines, provided they do not make angular turns. At the end of its turn, a Slider is flipped to become a Jumper. Jumpers travel only by jumping other disks (enemy or friendly) to vacant spaces immediately beyond; multiple jumps in different directions are possible. A disk ends its turn by flipping, thus a Jumper that moves becomes a Slider again. These constant shifts of power severely challenge your ability to plan carefully. Disks that reach any of your opponent's five end points are borne off, and the first player to bear off all disks wins. Also included are rules for End Jam, in which the goal is to occupy all your opponent's end points. — RHK and JJMcC

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