Games Magazine selects: MemorIQ

MemorIQ was chosen by Games as one of the 100 best games for the year 2012 in the Puzzles category. Here's reviewer Robin H. King's write-up from the December 2011 "Games 100" Buyer's Guide to Games:
1-4 players
Designer: Zdravko Zivkovic

Zdravko Zivkovic, Raf Peeters' only competitor in this year's Puzzles category, designed the superlative Doris (Best Puzzle, December 2008 GAMES). He treats us to another set of edge-matching challenges. Twenty-four hexagons, each divided into three sections, feature one to three of the four colors. Unlike Kadon's similar Hexmozaix Jr., dividing lines radiating from hexagon centers end at the middles of hexagon edges instead of at vertices.
    Over 100 puzzles in three levels will captivate you for ages. There are also three games to play and stimulating challenges for further erudite exploration.
—RHK (10/11) [Date refers to first review, shown below.]

MemorIQ was reviewed in Games in the October 2011 issue, with a nice color photo:
Designer:   Zdravko Zivkovic
Players: 1-4.

Zdravko Zivkovic, designer of Doris (named Best Puzzle in the 2009 Games 100), treats us to another delightful edge-matching set. This one consists of 24 hexagons, each of which is divided into three parts with up to three colors. Four colors in total are used. It is similar to Kadon's Hexmozaix Jr., but the dividing lines radiating from the hexagon's center end at the middle of its edges instead of at its vertices. More than 100 puzzles of easy, medium, and advanced difficulty levels will keep you happily engrossed for ages. There are also three games for you to play and, as always from Kadon, stimulating challenges for further erudite exploration.
      —Robin H. King

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