Colors grouped: Rhombiominoes

For 16 years, from 1999 to 2015, no new solutions were found for Rhombiominoes with all 3 colors grouped, until George Sicherman assisted by his faithful computer turned up the 104 solutions shown below and won a prize. George assures us that this is not an exhaustive result and that there are many more solutions waiting to be found, so others still have a chance to win a prize for one not included among these 104. The total number of grouped solutions is not known.

We would be especially interested in color-grouped solutions with special features, like those shown below: two colors not touching each other, or one color completely enclosed (see the near-miss below), or the most fabulous of all, the solution split horizontally into two parallelograms.

Rising to the challenge of one color completely enclosed, Joris Moreau of Belgium sent us these remarkable solutions, derived with electronic assistance. The quartet in the first row encloses the FLNTUVW group (blue). The next two rows enclose NPVXYZ (white). Note the awesome split parallelogram at the end. Many more solutions are possible. Send your new solutions to: Rhombiominoes grouped and win a prize.

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