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The sudden and sweeping cold wave and snow that covered New England in mid-February 2006 extended its cold fingers all the way to Miami, where Kate spends the winters on creative retreat. No snow reached that far south, but it got plenty chilly, coldest in 5 years. Photos from home in Maryland show the winter wonderland that she's missing.

Notice how the snow-clad branches, twigs and twiglets display structures like an organic fractal, small and smaller copies of the same branching proportions. A lovely lacy lattice of mathematical precision, it's nature's puzzle in ice and wood. No wonder it looks beautiful to human senses.

For those of you who missed having fresh snow in your area for Valentine's Day 2006, we present these scenes for your enjoyment. (Photography by Dick Jones.)

Driveway with blanketed vehicles

Going nowhere


Branches forming fractal designs

Growing everywhere

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