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Warren Fahy (pronounced "Fay" by some in America and by the author's family, pronounced "Fay-hee" by other American families, and pronounced like the first two syllables of "fajita" in Ireland) started writing novels when he was twelve.

He was born in Hollywood, California, five minutes before his twin sister, and he has two smarter older brothers. He sculpts when he's not writing, and mourns his pug, Caesar, who was his faithful companion for 20 years.

Though Warren's main focus as a writer is on his novels, poems and screenplays, he's written thousands of movie descriptions that appear on sites all over the Internet. He's also written several cover stories for Schwann DVD Advance magazine (on Victor Fleming, Ridley Scott, and the history of Disney animation, and a now-legendary hair-piece for Grand Royal magazine on the ancient history of the "mullet" (a word he and the Beastie Boys helped get entered into the Oxford dictionary of the English language). He is the author of the best-selling thrillers Fragment and Pandemonium. See several of his other books on Amazon, too.


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