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Tulips, the SpidronTM art of Dániel Erdély

"Spidron" is a proprietary trademark of Dániel Erdély, used by permission.

Dániel Erdély is a Hungarian mathematician and artist. Spidron is his patented discovery of the fascinating mathematics that produce spiral recursions. This playable art consists of 210 Lucite pieces:  42 "S" tiles, 42 "horn" tiles, 66 large "tulips" tiles of one color, 12 large tulips of a second color, and 48 smaller tulips of a third color. Available in 18˝" white, gray or black framed acrylic tray, with 5 luminous transparent colors. Color combinations may vary. If you have a preference for the dominant color and tray color, please let us know in the "Order Comments" space of your order. If not specified, we will ship in black tray.


The exquisite mathematical properties of the Spidron system's spirals are described in detail on Daniel's website, Spidron, which also showcases many other spidronized applications, including massive sculptures and the Platonic solids. Visit his site and be amazed at such beauty.

Tulips is recommended for age 12 to adult. A stunning art piece for any setting. Display stand included.     $295

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