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Coloring Book — .GIF template for DUALITY

.GIF Template
to color in your computer

Right-click on this picture to save it and color it your way

Click your right mouse button on the image and then click on "Save as" and save it to a folder of your choice, such as "My Pictures," or create a new folder for it.

Open it in your paint program and fill in the colors as you like, by any method your program provides. Capture an idea, evoke a mood, express a theme. Name your "keepers" and save them as .gif or .jpg files. Then you can print them out. Use them as note paper. Send them in email to friends, share them on social media, or even make one your computer wallpaper. Or just print out paper copies and color them with... crayons or markers or paint!

This composition is designed to use 8 colors — four for the "inner" fields and four for the "outside," arranged so that no two adjacent areas have the same color. Our Thumbnail Gallery shows 12 variations. You can, of course, color it in any of millions of other ways. Send us copies of your best ones and we may show them here.

Would you like a more permanent embodiment of your favorite combination? See the Ordering Information.

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