40th Anniversary Puzzle Award for
Greensboro Craftsmen's Christmas Classic
Crafts Festival, 2013

This commemorative puzzle was presented by Kadon Enterprises, Inc., with admiration and affection for four decades of superb show organization to Clyde and Tami Gilmore of Gilmore Enterprises, Inc., founded by Clyde's father. We've been in their shows for 30 of those 40 years, and they are one of the most admired and beloved show organizers in the U.S.  They produce 12 award-winning special events across the Southeast, including Greensboro, NC; Richmond, VA; Columbia, SC; Chantilly and Roanoke, VA; and Myrtle Beach, SC.

The pieces for this puzzle come from our popular Poly-5 set, with a metallic blue "40" embedded among transparent pieces in the center of the tray.

This design is available, by custom order only, for $49, for any 40th anniversary occasion of yours — corporate or employee awards, wedding anniversaries, birthdays, etc. We can probably even make it in your preferred color. Email your inquiries to Kadon.

Here's the certificate that accompanied the puzzle/plaque:

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