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  • What is art, you ask,
    In all its forms and
    Mind made visible.


    May 28-30, 2016....Saturday, Sunday, Monday... 35th Annual Woodstock-New Paltz Art&Crafts Fair, Ulster County Fairgrounds, New Paltz, NY. Organizer: Quail Hollow Events.

    June 11-12, 2016....Saturday, Sunday... 11th Annual Crocker Park Fine Art Fair with Craft Marketplace, Westlake, Cleveland, OH). Organizer: Howard Alan Events, Ltd.

    June 18-19, 2016....Saturday, Sunday... 28th Annual Spring Fine Art & Craft Show, Brookdale Park, NJ. Organizer: Rose Squared Productions, Inc.

    June 24-25, 2016.....Saturday-Sunday...13th Annual Wayzata Art Experience, Wayzata, MN. Organizer: Greater Wayzata Area Chamber of Commerce. See also their Facebook page.

    July 9-10, 2016....Saturday, Sunday... 48th Annual Corn Hill Arts Festival, Rochester, NY. Organizer: Corn Hill Neighbors Association.

    July 11-16, 2016....Monday through Saturday... Atlas Summit (private conference on applied Objectivism) and Freedom Fest (largest pro-liberty conference in the world), Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas, NV. Organizer: The Atlas Society.

    July 23-24, 2016....Saturday, Sunday... 37th Annual Akron Arts Expo, Hardesty Park, Akron, OH. Friday evening, July 22, attend the Wine Tasting and Silent Auction festivities (tickets, $45, online or at the door). Organizer: City of Akron Recreation Bureau.

    July 23-24, 2016....Saturday, Sunday... GEX-Con (Gaming and Entertainment Experience Convention), Fredericksburg Expo & Conference Center, Fredericksburg, VA. Organizer: FIAD Entertainment Group.

    July 30-31, 2016....Saturday, Sunday... Orchard Lake Fine Art Show, West Bloomfield, MI. Organizer: Patty Narozny,

    August 9-13, 2016....Tuesday-Saturday... 2016 Bridges Conference, Jyväskylä, Finland. Organizer: Reza Sarhangi, Bridges Math Art.

    August 27-October 23, 2016.....Saturday and Sunday every weekend plus Labor Day Monday...40th Annual Maryland Renaissance Festival, Crownsville, MD. Organizer: International Renaissance Festivals, Ltd.

    November 4-6, 2016....Friday, Saturday, Sunday...Craftsmen's Classic Art & Craft Festival, Richmond Raceway Complex, Richmond, VA. Organizer: Gilmore Enterprises, Inc.

    November 19-20, 2016....Saturday, Sunday...City of Fairfax 30th Holiday Craft Show, Fairfax High School, 3501 Rebel Run, Fairfax, VA. Organizer: City of Fairfax Parks & Recreation.

    November 25-27, 2016....Friday, Saturday, Sunday...The Craftsmen's Christmas Classic, Coliseum Complex, Greensboro, NC. Organizer: Gilmore Enterprises, Inc..

    New shows will continue to be added as they are confirmed. Click here for latest revision date.

    Our versatile booth layouts

    Indoors or out, in large or tiny spaces, on asphalt, grass or boardwalks, with obstructions of lampposts, trees and parking signs, flat or hilly terrain, our booth set-ups are another whole puzzle to solve. Here's a look at our many different looks:

    The gamepuzzles booth attracts all ages—scene from our Colorado 2013 tour.
    Photo by Dick Jones.

    This is our standard indoor display, most recently in Richmond, VA,
    November 2015, well stocked with all the puzzles that can fit.
    There's a rug inside so Kate can work barefoot all day.
    Photo by Dick Jones.

    Our most compact display—a single counter top—at Fairfax High School, 2014.
    Photo by Dick Jones.

    Our tiny little stall at the Baltimore Christmas Village
    (month-long) market, 2014, and the expanded
    2015 version, below.
    Photos by Eric Bare.

    Our magnificent pavilion, Ye Olde Gamery,
    at the Maryland Renaissance Festival
    (see interior shot below).
    Photo by R. H. Grainger.

    Panoramic interior of Ye Olde Gamery at Maryland Renaissance Festival.
    Click for full Renaissance story.
    Photo by Arthur Blumberg.

    Weathering the storms

    • The Three Rivers Arts Festival in Pittsburgh in June 2004 had the stormiest weather in memory and inspired this little poem about the plight of outdoor art exhibits.
    • The Boca Raton Arts Festival in Boca Raton, Florida, in January 2010 had the coldest weather in decades, with icy rain and nasty winds. It inspired this little verse.
    • Coconut Point, Florida, in 2010 greeted us with gale-force winds during set-up. It went like this: Battling the Wind.
    • Amish Acres in Nappanee, Indiana, in June 2012 went from idyllic to their worst storm in 40 years within an hour. Here are some photos.
    • Wayzata, Minnesota, in June 2013 had a horrendous string of storms starting Friday evening, with the town totally blacked out from power failures. The show was canceled. Here are some verses recounting the event.
    • Pittsburgh's Three Rivers Arts Festival in June 2015 set a new world record for take-down: 13 hours. A fourth river—vertical—arrived and kept on for all but 5 minutes every hour. It took us from 8pm to 9am to finish. Read it in verse.

    Special commemorative puzzles

    • Maryland Renaissance Festival's 25th Anniversary, 2001—This was the first use of our Poly-5 puzzle as an anniversary design. We presented the puzzle, with silver-like frame and numbers, to Jules Smith, general manager of the Festival.

    • Three Rivers Arts Festival's 50th Anniversary, 2009— Kate designed a special version of our popular Poly-5 puzzle as a golden anniversary commemorative for Pittsburgh's biggest show and presented it as a gift to the organizers.

    • Syracuse Arts & Crafts Festival's 40th Anniversary, 2010 — Our versatile Poly-5 set got a pearlized "40" in a special matching frame. One copy was presented as a gift to the organizers. The rest of this very limited edition sold out to local fans of the show.

    • OHIO 4x4 Puzzle — designed for our Cleveland shows in 2010, the letters O-H-I-O make for a sudoku-like challenge in four colors, plus a sliding block puzzle. It's cool that all four letters are symmetrical and the same upside-down, too. Print it and play.

    • Maryland Renaissance Festival's 35th Anniversary, 2011—Our 35-ball Giant Pyramid was the perfect gift, with a special base and Award of Appreciation for Jules Smith and the Festival staff.

    • Berkshire 9x9 Puzzle — was designed for the 10th Annual Berkshires Art Festival in July 2011. The largest of our sudoku/sliding puzzles, it has 9 colors and 9 letters to print out, cut out and solve.

    • Chicago 7x7 Puzzle — was printed for the North Michigan Avenue's great 20th annual art festival in 2011. You're invited to print it out for yourself and solve its sudoku/sliding block puzzles.

    • Wyandotte 50th Street Art Fair — in 2011 inspired the design of a special 5x5 "50" puzzle that combines a sudoku-like arrangement with a sliding action. Print it, cut out the numbers, and play.

    • Greensboro Craftsmen's Christmas Classic Crafts Festival's 40th Anniversary, 2013 — Our popular Poly-5 set has a frosted metallic blue "40" in a special matching frame and was presented as a token of appreciation to the organizers, Clyde and Tami Gilmore. We've been in their shows for 30 years.

    • Akron Arts Expo—in 2014 shared our own 35th anniversary, and we were happy to present them with a special commemorative edition of our Poly-5 set with embedded numbers 35 and frame in luminous green. Akron has been one of our most beloved shows for over 20 years.

    • Verona, NJ, 30th Annual Fine Art and Crafts—in 2015 was our first time in this show, and we presented the hard-working organizers, Howard and Janet Rose, with a special edition of our Poly-5 puzzle with a "30" embedded and the event name inscribed. Their company is Rose Squared Productions, Inc., so of course the main color was a pearlized pink.

    • The CHAP Convention for homeschoolers in Pennsylvania celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2016, another first for us, and we presented the organization with a special edition of our Poly-5 puzzle with a "30" embedded and the event name inscribed.

    Artist's Statement
    Art shows like to have an artist's mission statement posted somewhere in the booth. Here is a one-page statement by Kate about her work that you can print out and share, if you wish:

    The playable art of Kate Jones

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