Poly-5:50th Anniversary Puzzle for
Artsfest of Greater Harrisburg

For the Artsfest of Greater Harrisburg's 50th Anniversary in 2017, we embedded the number 50 into a special edition of our Poly-5 set and presented it to the hardworking program director, Jamie Jastrzembski, of organizer Jump Street on May 27, to her great delight. The puzzle pieces are transparent Lucite. We included a display stand, game grids, and the 52-page instruction book. It stood on display at the show's registration tent for the entire event.

We had been in Harrisburg's art fest in the 1980s and 1990s and been away from it for many years. We were happy to return for this special anniversary.

You can custom-order this design anytime for 50th anniversary occasions of your own — corporate or employee awards, wedding anniversaries, birthdays, etc. We'll try to meet your color requests. Price: $49. Email your inquiries to Kadon.

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