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# o A Rooky Puzzle

And then there was one...
by Kate Jones


Start position for rook solitaire puzzle


Here's a fairly easy peg-jumping challenge. There are eight rooks on the chessboard, arranged as shown above. The objective is to jump over and remove the jumped-over pieces until there is only one left. The catch:  Your jumps may be horizontal and vertical only, no diagonal jumps.

Puzzle #1:   How many different opening moves are there that lead to solutions?

Puzzle #2:   What is the least number of pieces that need to do the jumping?

Puzzle #3:   What is the most number of pieces over which a series of jumps can go?

This problem is just one in a series of peg-jumping puzzles
from Kadon's Leap gamepuzzle set.


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No. 2 (April 2000)
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