The Mind of Man
by Jerry Andrus

It is physical,
And its output mental?
What a Wonder!

It knows that it is
And it tell us so.
What a wonder.

A spark jumps,
A cascade forms,
And somehow,
The language of the cells
Becomes the language of Man.
Somehow — reason flows.

From the concrete to the abstract,
From cells to thoughts,
From matter to the mind.

So runs the Machinery of the Mind,
That a unique arrangement
Of subatomic particles
Becomes the Mind of Man.


Jerry Andrus (1918-2007) was an American magician, thinker,
teacher, scholar, skeptic, creator of original optical illusions, and a poet.
He composed while walking on his treadmill. He is sorely missed, and
his legacy lives on. Here's an informal and wonderful interview.

The Life of Games
No. 4  (April 2007)
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