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    Issue No. 4
    April 2007

Why and How We Play — An Exploratory Journal

Co-Editor:  Stephen Sniderman
Editor/Publisher:   Kate Jones
Associate Editor:   Michael Keller

In this Issue:
News and Updates
Feature Article:  Fair Game, II, by Stephen Sniderman
Game Profile:  Six-by-Six, by Kate Jones
Review: Leap by Michael Keller
A concept game: Sequitur by Kate Jones
Poem:  The Mind of Man, by Jerry Andrus
How to play:  Tablaaza, by Andrew Perkis
Contest:   Ingredients, a nested words puzzle
Rules of Play, book reviewed by Stephen Sniderman
Readers' comments:  Lothar Jost | Carol Townsend | Joe Marasco |
Stephen Tuell | Charles Titus | Nancy Van Schooenderwoert
Challenge/contest:  Six-Tac-Toe, an underdog game by Stephen Sniderman
Nostalgia:  A Quarter-Century Retrospective by Kate Jones
Puzzle:  Dissected Dominoes II, by Michael Keller
Answers to No. 3 puzzles have been added to their pages:
Starring... | Dissected Dominoes | Annigrams | Narrow Passage

News and Updates

Stephen Sniderman honored
In 2005, our co-editor was awarded a Distinguished Professorship for Public Service from Youngstown State University, Youngstown, Ohio. From 1980 until 2005, when he retired, he served on the planning committee for the YSU English Festival (an annual event for 7th-12th graders on the YSU campus), and has recently gotten actively involved in the new Children's Museum of the Valley. A grateful community and campus show their appreciation.

Kadon's 25th Anniversary celebrations
Throughout 2005 and spilling over into 2006, Kadon generated a series of celebratory events, products and memorabilia on the theme of 25. The 25th Anniversary collection has its own index. Check out all the interactive and entertainment features. See also the brief Retrospective in this issue, and these new designs that have exactly 25 pieces:

Our Mini-Quiz No. 6 had a 25th anniversary theme, as well; however, in two years no one has as yet fully solved it. Perhaps it will take another 25 years to discover. In the meanwhile, we're looking forward to the three decades mark.

Archimedes' Square latest discoveries
On the question of how many different convex shapes can the pieces of Archimedes' Square, also known as the Stomachion, make, for the first time in the history of the world that answer is now revealed. A German researcher, Bernd Rennhak, has found all 637 solutions. Congratulations, Bernd! On to the next area of investigation. See also our initial story on Archimedes' Square.

Our games on T-shirts
Our good friend and game inventor, Manuel Garcia, has an online shop with for his zany cartoons and other artwork, and there's a fine collection of designs by Kate, using various Kadon puzzles to make our "W" logo. You can get them on every kind of shirt, mugs, hats, bags, the usual stuff. The quality is good, the prices low, and it's such a hoot to wear our designs that are actually tricky solutions. Take the long scroll through Manny's World, catch the many chuckles plus our pretty puzzles.

The Life of Games
No. 4   (April 2007)
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