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Rombix Jr.--4 shapes, 4 colors of single and paired rhombs   Roundominoes--squiggly shapes of 1, 2, 3 rounds   Ten-Yen--10 pieces, 3 colors, shapes of 1 through 5 squares   Hexnut Jr.--16 pieces, all the shapes of 1 through 4 hexagons in size, plus four of size 5   Bear Hugs -- 36 all-different teddy bears in 6 colors   Bear Hugs Jr. -- 16 all-different teddy bears in 4 colors   Vee-21--21 V trominoes tile an 8x8 grid   Hexdominoes--21 dihexes, 6 singles in 6 colors paired   Snowflake Square--a 16-piece subset   Mini-Iamond Ring--9 pieces, 2 through 5 equilateral triangles in size   Triangoes Jr.--15 tiles, a 2-color subset of Triangoes   Science Songs and Stories--CD and book by Kathy Carroll   Combinatorix--the definitive tiling lab   Combinatorix Jr.--the mandala edition   Deka-Star--decagon made of thick and thin rhombs   Diamond Rainbow--24 rainbow-colored diamonds plus 6 triangles      Quintillions--the 12 shapes of 5 cubes in one plane    Royal Game of the Goose, with Game of the Labyrinth on other side (deluxe wood edition)   Royal Game of the Goose, with Game of the Labyrinth on reverse (canvas banner)  

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